Checklist For Amazon Product Photography
Checklist For Amazon Product Photography

Checklist For Amazon Product Photography

Checklist For Amazon Product Photography:- The internet is a vast, ever-changing place, and Amazon has been one of the most popular platforms for shopping since its rise in popularity in 2014. Almost 62% of US shoppers who have access to use it at least monthly will shop on Amazon.

The key to selling items on Amazon is beautiful, high-quality product photography. Not to mention, more than 53% of shoppers admit to product photography playing a massive role in making their purchase decisions. Conversely, products with bad photos don’t sell as well, and it’s almost guaranteed that the buyer will leave negative feedback if you use them for your listing.

So how can you avoid all the hassles of bad product photos? It is simple! We had all the in-house Amazon Product Photography experts draft a simple checklist that you can follow to optimize your product photography for success on Amazon.

Checklist Of All The Guidelines Set By Amazon For Product Images:

Amazon has strict guidelines for its product listings, including product photos. These guidelines apply no matter where you’re selling on Amazon as they want to maintain the quality standards of their platform. Make sure to follow their standards so that your images show up correctly in search results while also maintaining the optimum quality of your product listing.

The Comparison Product Image:

It can be difficult to highlight how your product is better than the competition. This type of product image allows you to do just that in an ethical way.

The Product Instructions Image:

Product installation is a process that often requires many details to be ironed out before it can begin. This includes discussing how best to install your product and what conditions need for its successful functioning and clarifying any potential problems with installation or misuse of the item itself. This type of product image serves this purpose.

The Product Packaging Image:

This type of product image shows the product in its packaging. So the customer knows exactly what they will get once they click on the buy button.

The Multiple Use Image:

You should keep in mind that customers are more willing to buy products with versatile uses. Shows this type of product image. That’s how it can benefit your customer’s life in more ways than one, with creative uses and ideas for the product.

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