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BlogElse is open for guest posting – and by submitting guest posts you can get exposure, inbound links, and related readership for organic traffic.

Requirements for guests posting:

  1. Minimum 300+ words per blog.
  2. Do-follow links may be allowed in the blog and/or author bio, contact us for details and conditions. Nothing “spam” though.
  3. Relevant in-post links are allowed, but not too many.
  4. The blog must be exclusive to BlogElse and not posted elsewhere.
  5. Affiliate links might be not allowed
  6. Not spam score domain allowed & Plagiarism blog is reject by our site

All blogs are subject to approval by BlogElse and if it is rejected, you will be notified so that you can use the blog elsewhere if you wish.

If any changes to the blog are required by you or BlogElse, you will be notified before you publish.

How to submit a guest posting…

The best way to submit a guest post is to contact us first and let us know your thoughts. You will usually get an answer within 24 hours and if we like it, you can either go ahead and submit the blog or start writing it. Please attach the blog via e-mail in either a text/Word document with all the links included. Simple HTML versions are allowed too as this will make it even easier for us to simply copy/paste the blog.

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